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Ohio Woodworking Company is a third generation business manufacturing premium quality custom built cabinets, fixtures and furniture for the commercial, institutional and residential markets since 1930.

We build quality products for our customers.

In the age of information we find it important to work closely with architects, designers and the trades to establish an ongoing dialogue, enabling us to ensure quality, accuracy and timely delivery of our cabinetry and millwork. Ohio Woodworking Company has maintained many of the relationships it has built throughout the years, working again and again with the same customers, vendors and trades, who also believe in quality, integrity, and the value of smart work.

Whether you are looking for bank teller station counters, salon retail fixtures, dormitory furniture, custom modern wood furniture, or built-ins and kitchen cabinets, Ohio Woodworking Company has been helping customers take projects from concept to completion for over 75 years.


OHIO Woodworking Company, INC.
5035 Beech Street
Cincinnati, OH 45212
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