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Born in Germany, William Frank apprenticed at a young age as a cabinetmaker before immigrating to America. Settling in Cincinnati near family, he began Ohio Woodworking in 1930 on the sight of an old lumberyard (our offices are still there today). William grew his business building bank furnishings, store fixtures, and residential work. Through the quality of his work he established relationships with customers and vendors, some of which continue to this day.

With William's death in 1970, his son Tom took over Ohio Woodworking. With the help of, Paul, the foreman, and the addition of Tom's brother, Jim, in 1972 the second generation of cabinetmakers was in place to grow the company. OWW added more employees (some who have been with us for over 25 years!) and equipment and eventually moved operations into a new larger building.

Celebrating 75 years in business and Tom's retirement in 2005, the third generation of cabinetmakers have stepped in to carry on the legacy of quality cabinetmaking established by William Frank. Tom's son, Tom Jr., and son-in-law, Richard, bring 27 years of cabinetmaking experience to Ohio Woodworking Company

The computer age has reached the cabinetmaking industry, and OWW has kept pace every step of the way. From CNC equipment, to AutoCAD based drafting, to this very website, Ohio Woodworking Company is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, and combining it with time tested traditional methods to bring the best product to you the customer.

Quality, smart work, ingenuity, perseverance, a lot of humor and a true sense of family have helped Ohio Woodworking achieve over 75 years of woodworking excellence.


Facility Overview

Conveniently located near downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, a short distance from 3 major area highways, RT 562, I-75, and I-71, we are central to most clients within the greater Cincinnati area.

To take a quick tour of our facilities, you may view our 75th Anniversary video. In it we introduce some of the people who make up Ohio Woodworking Company and we highlight some of the machines for you to see in action.


OHIO Woodworking Company, INC.
5035 Beech Street
Cincinnati, OH 45212
513-631-0870 · 513-458-5021 FAX


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