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Ohio Woodworking Company has been working with the banking industry for over seventy five years. We have built furniture and fixtures for hundreds of bank branches nationwide.

We know the importance of opening bank branches on time. Lost time is lost money. Opening a bank branch is a team effort. We work closely with the banks, architects, GC's and subs to ensure a smooth, on-time delivery and installation of bank fixtures. We also work with bank marketing departments to build product literature displays.

Rehabbing a bank branch? Ohio Woodworking Company works with banks to replace entire teller station counters literally overnight so the bank has no downtime.

From stand-alone branches, to grocery store branches, national chains or regional banks, Ohio Woodworking Company has built cabinetry and fixtures for every facet of the retail banking industry.

 Example Projects:
  • Teller Station Counters   • Product Literature Displays
  • Custom Teller Lines   • Check Writing Stations
OHIO Woodworking Company, INC.
5035 Beech Street
Cincinnati, OH 45212
513-631-0870 · 513-458-5021 FAX


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