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Product display can be almost as important as the products themselves when it comes to making the buyer aware of them in a store. Ohio woodworking will work with you to produce the right type of retail store display fixture to meet your needs.

One of our customers sold his product to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. The stores where he sold his product commanded a premium price for retail space in the thousands of dollars per square foot. His goal was to put as much product in one square foot as possible. Ohio Woodworking met his goal and exceeded expectations by minimizing fixture space and material while placing product on every available surface, maximizing storage and increasing visibility to the customer.

We can furnish your store with a point of purchase counter display, point of purchase book display, cash wrap counters and other fixtures to help sell your products. We have worked for clothing stores, shoe stores, computer chains, florists and a host of other retailers. Let us build the right fixtures for your store.

 Example Projects:
  • Cash wrap counters   • Furniture and fixtures for retail clothing store
  • Point of purchase counter display   • Point of purchase book display
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