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As commercial woodworkers, Ohio Woodworking Company has catered to many types of business from small private companies to large public companies. The cabinetry and fixtures that these companies require can be as different as the goods and services they supply to their customers. Some companies may simply need the storage and counter space that new cabinetry can provide, be it in a break room, storage room or workroom. Other companies use a mix of design and function in their cabinetry to set themselves apart for the benefit not only of themselves, but also for their customers. We have helped companies project their corporate identity through the cabinetry and fixtures we make for them.

One good example is a reception desk which is the first thing a customer sees when they walk into an office. This one piece of furniture can give a glimpse of how a company sees itself. A massive, square, dark stained wooden piece may be thought of as a traditional reception desk, giving the feeling of longevity, tradition and power. A half moon reception desk that has light wood, stainless steel accents, and a solid surface top may give a feeling of modernization, agility, and youth.

Ohio Woodworking Company will custom build cabinetry for your company. We have the capabilities to build you one piece, or one hundred pieces. We can incorporate your computers, phones, etc. into our cabinetry. In the age of computers, yours should not be crowded onto a new piece of cabinetry like an afterthought.

Ohio Woodworking Company can build cabinetry and fixtures that help your company look good and be more efficient so that you can focus on what it is your company does best.

 Example Projects:
  • Round conference room table   • Counter for food service
  • Reception desk for hotel   • Traditional reception desk
  • Medical office reception desk   • Half moon reception desk
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